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Family Owned Business

Daniels Fiberglass provides quality and affordable services to residential and commercial businesses in CT. Being centrally located in Connecticut makes it easy and quick to provide service to customers anywhere in Connecticut.

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We service all of Connecticut; Working with homeowners, property managers, contractors, manufactures, commercial businesses including municipalities, hospitals, hotels, assisted living complexes, colleges, marinas & private boat owners.

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Our Work

Have a damaged fiberglass tub or shower? We can repair the damage and save you from costly replacement costs. We repair chips, cracks, and scratches. Convert tubs to showers with a walk-through opening.

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What We Do

Fiberglass Fabrication

We have the capacity and experience to fully design, engineer, and fabricate an unlimited number of custom fiberglass products using a variety of structural shapes, plates, and other components for innovative and unique solutions. Please do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with us.

Tub & Shower Cracks

Fiberglass can develop stress and structural cracks. It is important to take care of even small cracks before its too late. Water trapped beneath the fixture can lead to water damage or mold. The cost of fixing your tub or shower is very affordable. In fact, you save up to 75% over the cost of replacing your tub.

Pool Steps

Over the years your swimming pool stairs may have been damaged by ice, or may have a cracked tread. Your fiberglass pool stairs can be repaired for a like “new” appearance. There is no need to tear out the old stairs, which can be costly, to replace with new pool stairs. We can help you save a lot of money!

Fiberglass Boat Repair

Is your boat dulling in color or even worse, starting to chip or crack? DFG covers everything fiberglass related from customized hatch to engine covers. Prevent dry rot, floor & stringers chips, cracks, holes & stress cracks… but no worries, we can fix all of these things for you even if they have already happened to you boat.

Handicap Bathrooms

We make bathing safer by installing a bath step so you can walk right into your existing tub – making it a walk-in shower. We cut an opening in your existing tub which allows easier entry and exit for seniors and the mobility impaired. You save thousands over an expensive walk-in tub and it only takes one day to install.

Shower Door Installation

When it comes to anything bath and shower related, we have you completely covered. Shower doors, grab bars, fixtures, slip resistant finishes… you name it, we can do it. We will show you all of the options that are available to you so you can transform your old bathroom into something brand new.

Have a Large Project?

We can handle projects of all sizes. From boats and fountains to industrial applications, we are your go to fiberglass service company. Contact us today!

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